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Subreddit Overlapping users
/electronics 74
/sysadmin 70
/programming 64
/linux 64
/guns 59
/AskElectronics 54
/Frugal 44
/arduino 43
/motorcycles 42
/talesfromtechsupport 41
/raspberry_pi 41
/Justrolledintotheshop 40
/Android 39
/HamRadio 39
/shortwave 37
/networking 36
/Bitcoin 36
/dogecoin 33
/pcmasterrace 32
/techsupport 31
/aviation 30
/bicycling 30
/EDC 30
/KerbalSpaceProgram 29
/whatisthisthing 29
/electronic_cigarette 29
/preppers 28
/techsupportgore 28
/CCW 27
/ECE 27
/conspiracy 25
/woahdude 25
/AskEngineers 24
/cars 23
/engineering 23
/flying 23
/Seattle 22
/Multicopter 22
/canada 22
/buildapc 21
/apple 20
/Games 20
/Jeep 20
/Libertarian 20
/wicked_edge 20
/geek 20
/hamitforward 19
/cableporn 19
/cringe 18
/BuyItForLife 18
/woodworking 18
/Firearms 18
/cordcutters 18
/Astronomy 18
/MapPorn 18
/AskMen 18
/Homebrewing 18
/HomeImprovement 17
/photography 17
/gardening 17
/trees 17
/rfelectronics 16
/boston 16
/HamFest 15
/camping 15
/subaru 15
/battlestations 15
/cbradio 15
/ar15 15
/linuxadmin 15
/ems 15
/mildlyinfuriating 15
/offbeat 14
/privacy 14
/unitedkingdom 14
/CampingandHiking 14
/MilitaryPorn 14
/bayarea 14
/MechanicalKeyboards 14
/sex 14
/homestead 14
/MechanicAdvice 14
/techsupportmacgyver 14
/malefashionadvice 14
/skeptic 14
/Coffee 14
/homelab 13
/audiophile 13
/ProtectAndServe 13
/EngineeringStudents 13
/electricians 13
/netsec 13
/TrueReddit 13
/radiocontrol 13
/TumblrInAction 12
/reactiongifs 12
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 12
/Military 12
/BreakingDad 12
/fpv 12
/HistoryPorn 12
/beer 12
/math 12
/learnprogramming 12
/formula1 12
/Ingress 11
/cringepics 11
/conspiratard 11
/bugout 11
/cats 11
/DnD 11
/hacking 11
/cigars 11
/Cooking 11
/anime 11
/sailing 11
/interestingasfuck 11
/4chan 11
/gonewild 11
/leagueoflegends 11
/retrobattlestations 10
/Python 10
/MensRights 10
/AmIFreeToGo 10
/oculus 10
/reloading 10
/geocaching 10
/weather 10
/spacex 10
/daddit 10
/fountainpens 10
/4x4 10
/dayz 10
/ProgrammerHumor 10
/ImGoingToHellForThis 10
/Aquariums 10
/StarWars 10
/backpacking 10
/archlinux 10
/startrek 10
/Portland 10
/Fishing 10
/Christianity 10
/DoesAnybodyElse 10
/NoStupidQuestions 10
/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu 10
/youtubehaiku 10
/darknetplan 9
/hsmm_mesh 9
/Cartalk 9
/rpg 9
/chicago 9
/Minecraft 9
/boardgames 9
/Beekeeping 9
/kansascity 9
/legaladvice 9
/britishproblems 9
/AndroidQuestions 9
/shutupandtakemymoney 9
/Survival 9
/AskHistorians 9
/livesound 9
/AbandonedPorn 9
/webdev 9
/scifi 9
/exmormon 9
/shittyaskscience 9
/houston 9
/changemyview 9
/Trucks 9
/Guitar 9
/promos 9
/Columbus 9
/Steam 9
/3Dprinting 9
/Eve 9
/whatsthisplant 8
/progun 8
/facepalm 8
/philadelphia 8
/pcgaming 8
/tech 8
/doctorwho 8
/texas 8
/Economics 8
/Cyberpunk 8
/self 8
/Firefighting 8
/TopGear 8
/casualiama 8
/lifehacks 8
/freebies 8
/vinyl 8
/tipofmytongue 8
/headphones 8
/Shitty_Car_Mods 8
/Nexus5 8
/Watches 8
/MachinePorn 8
/JusticePorn 8
/australia 8
/Entrepreneur 8
/soccer 8
/newjersey 8
/wow 8
/compsci 8
/hardware 8
/buildapcsales 8
/TalesFromRetail 7
/offmychest 7
/europe 7
/baseball 7
/pittsburgh 7
/business 7
/scuba 7
/astrophotography 7
/TrainPorn 7
/keto 7
/battlefield_4 7
/comics 7
/howto 7
/windowsphone 7
/gopro 7
/Albany 7
/running 7
/Welding 7
/Glocks 7
/audioengineering 7
/gameofthrones 7
/techtheatre 7
/crypto 7
/iphone 7
/Chromecast 7
/everymanshouldknow 7
/nsfw 7
/PublicFreakout 7
/cincinnati 7
/sandiego 7
/FoodPorn 7
/jailbreak 7
/asoiaf 7
/lockpicking 7
/Silverbugs 7
/linuxquestions 7
/shittykickstarters 7
/nononono 7
/travel 7
/bikewrench 6
/Denver 6
/flashlight 6
/gonewildcurvy 6
/SaltLakeCity 6
/MotoX 6
/hiphopheads 6
/nyc 6
/cablefail 6
/flightsim 6
/SanJose 6
/morse 6
/FloridaMan 6
/beards 6
/dwarffortress 6
/mac 6
/Hammocks 6
/OutOfTheLoop 6
/Stargate 6
/itookapicture 6
/hiking 6
/Michigan 6
/progresspics 6
/MorbidReality 6
/Whatisthis 6
/litecoinmining 6
/spaceporn 6
/androiddev 6
/java 6
/asmr 6
/collapse 6
/DotA2 6
/creepyPMs 6
/ANormalDayInRussia 6
/nostalgia 6
/trains 6
/Parenting 6
/LearnUselessTalents 6
/gundeals 6
/investing 6
/army 6
/Blacksmith 6
/chromeos 6
/Nootropics 6
/vim 6
/gaybros 6
/debian 6
/Surface 6
/Ubuntu 6
/socialskills 5
/fatpeoplestories 5
/Conservative 5
/PostCollapse 5
/homedefense 5
/arma 5
/GlobalOffensive 5
/jobs 5
/answers 5
/Harley 5
/Kayaking 5
/climbing 5
/Fallout 5
/smoking 5
/knives 5
/rit 5
/unixporn 5
/ReverseEngineering 5
/iamverysmart 5
/thatHappened 5
/beermoney 5
/vexillology 5
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/BBQ 5
/firstworldproblems 5
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/sanfrancisco 5
/nba 5
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/loseit 5
/homeowners 5
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/cycling 5
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/cscareerquestions 5
/AskScienceFiction 5
/bourbon 5
/rage 5
/watchpeopledie 5
/ArcherFX 5
/EverythingScience 5
/ottawa 5
/ArtisanVideos 5
/vmware 5
/phoenix 5
/Tinder 5
/vintageaudio 5
/IWantToLearn 5
/gentlemanboners 5
/GoRVing 5
/tall 5
/frugalmalefashion 5
/Anticonsumption 5
/BackYardChickens 5
/tf2 5
/PipeTobacco 5
/forwardsfromgrandma 5
/google 5
/relationships 5
/furry 5
/signalidentification 5
/standupshots 5
/Whatcouldgowrong 5
/secretsanta 5
/truegaming 5
/dogemarket 5
/LosAngeles 5
/vancouver 5
/restorethefourth 5
/polandball 5
/linux4noobs 5
/ireland 5
/Drugs 5
/fixit 5
/NorthCarolina 5
/nova 5
/boating 5
/AirForce 5
/reddit.com 5
/hockey 5
/Reprap 5
/Unexpected 5
/firstworldanarchists 5
/NetflixBestOf 5
/WildStar 5
/navy 5
/nasa 5
/Physics 5
/Buddhism 5
/hometheater 5
/starcitizen 5
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Supply-side explanation for the rise in BTC to USD.

I don't generally like to speculate on why a market's short-term behavior is what it is; I usually feel like the answer is simply: "randomness."
HOWEVER, with all the recent discussion about demand for BTC skyrocketing (new services accepting bitcoin, more public awareness of it), I thought perhaps an analysis of things from the supply-side may be in order. Because, although I may be convinced there has been an increase in demand for bitcoin, I think a much stronger argument can be made for a decrease in the supply of bitcoin. And even if demand hasn't increased, a decrease in supply will still push the price up!
Okay. There are four ways somebody can procure bitcoin:
  1. Mine em.
  2. Steal em.
  3. Trade em.
  4. Buy em.
  5. Currently, mining is (relative to last year) impossible. Not only has the block reward halved, but with the final arrival of ASICs, CPU/GPU/FPGA mining is less feasible than ever. And yet, right at this moment, almost nobody can even get their hands on an ASIC! In the (distant?) future, when you can just buy an ASIC from a reputable seller and be confident it will arrive as described within a week, mining will likely be a better option than right now.
  6. Theft/scamming is always a great option for getting bitcoins! Unfortunately, we may currently be in a little bit of a trough in the "bitcoin suckers" department. It seems like there have been (again, relative to last year) fewer reported major thefts/hacks/scams resulting in large transfers of BTC wealth. Maybe the current base of bitcoin users have learned some hard lessons. Maybe the developers of BTC services have too. Maybe we're just lucky. I expect if bitcoin does start to achieve real MASS adoption there will be plenty more thefts, but we're not there at the moment.
  7. I'm of two minds about the market for selling things for (or bartering, borrowing, or begging for) bitcoins. On the one hand, with the recent run-up, I can see people being slightly more spendy (cashing in while the price is "high"), but I can even moreso see people holding on to them ("why spend bitcoins for something I can use a credit card/paypal for? Especially since I expect them to double every month... and I can't buy bitcoins with a credit card/paypal!"). Overall though, I think the faster the price increases, the LESS people are willing to part with them. Not to mention the difficulty in mining means fewer people are probably considering their BTC "found" money (and thereby less "attached" to it). I know I personally am not planning on spending any of mine near-term. Also, there are still very few good reasons (for somebody with a credit card) to spend bitcoins online for anything fully legal. And, if you're planning on starting an illicit drug/gambling site to get your hands on some bitcoins, it's probably slightly scarier with the shutdown of Intrade, and the moving of 80% of MtGox to the US... perhaps the "wild west"-iest phase of bitcoin is drawing to a close.
  8. So, the only option remaining to get bitcoins is to buy them. And the more people (coupled with the somewhat easier process via CoinBase and more account approvers at MtGox) throwing money at the supply of bitcoins on the exchanges, the higher that price goes.
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[Table] IAmA: My name is Ryan Ackroyd and back in 2011 I was arrested for my part in the groups know as Lulz Security (LulzSec), Anonymous and Operation Anti Security (#AntiSec). I am LulzSec, AMA!

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Date: 2014-04-03
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What was it like being raided? GAME OVER PLEASE INSERT COINS.
Do you have any regrets about your involvement with those groups? Snowden, hero or villain? Why? There's no point regretting anything because you cannot undo the past. I heard about Snowden in prison, came on the news but I only know what the news has been telling me. I will look more in to it, he's got balls I can tell you that and I admire a good set of balls.
Really? Good set of balls? Are we not doing phrasing anymore? Yes really.
Any advice on learning how to program? I'm struggling with Python at the moment. You don't learn how to program, you learn how use a programming language, programming is what you do with that information. Read lots of examples of source code, see if you can work out whats going on. Don't just copy/paste the examples, write them word for word no matter how long they are. Not only will it help understand what it is doing better you may also learn a few tricks.
That's deep man. Thanks for the advice. No problem.
You don't learn how to program, you learn how use a programming language. Damn, pretty sweet quote there. It's also true.
How did you get started 'hacking'? I first started back in 1998 I mostly used to hack PC games, hex editing, binary reverse engineering stuff. Then I learned how to use C and assembly and it just went from there.
What do you recommend for someone that's interested in hacking(in terms of learning it)? Hacking is the art of reverse engineering, before you can reverse engineer something you need to have an in depth knowledge of it.
What are your thoughts on mass surveillance? Any advice for the masses? It's been going on longer than you or I have existed. Strong encryption is the key.
Ever considered a job with the NSA? GCHQ? I don't think I would pass the security clearance now anyways. I am x military though so who knows.
I am surprised you are allowed to use computers or the internet at all now considering some of the parole conditions of many American hackers. Can you talk about some of the restrictions in the SCPO and why you feel they are unfair? Basically it prevents me from using encryption that allows hidden volumes, virtual machines and I cannot delete my internet history. It lasts for 5 years and each breach of the order can be punishable up to 5 years.
It's not a case of them being fair or unfair. I can't go too in to detail about it if I want to take it back to court, I just want to challenge it, plus I like to keep my cards close to my chest.
So would say firefox's private browsing mode be against the rules? I don't think so, I'd have to check the src of firefox to determine if it deletes the history in private mode or if it simply does not record it in anyway. The order says "Not to delete".
So if you just image a fresh install of your variety of os(debian?) everyday would that break your parole? I could just boot live OS and not be in breach.
Is that what you do? I used to, remember slax?
Are you proud of the sacrifices you made in your lifetime? Yes I am, I never look back I just move forward in to the future hoping to find peace and happiness.
Did you meet anyone interesting in prison? There's some funny characters in prison I can tell you that, made friends for life. Most of the people in there were in there for fraud, drugs, gang stuff. I never met any famous prisoners if that's what you mean? Then again everyone's story in prison is interesting.
What is the best way to protect your digital identity, and secure your privacy? Since you have experience exploiting these vulnerabilities, what do you suggest to prevent it? Strong encryption, limit the amount of personal information you place on the internet, don't draw attention, only use a sandboxed browser and tunnel your HTTPS through SSH using the highest of encryption, PGP mail for every mail, don't store encryption keys on your computer, full disk encryption and/or hidden OS, use different emails for your banking, paypal etc, Mak3p4$5w0rdZ!nCr3d!b4LlYsTr0nG, uninstall flash use Link to youtube.com instead etc, etc...
Thanks for your answer. I am not worried about personal use, I am more worried about enterprise and or security systems. preventing people from hacking my companies website, and social media accounts. I have to keep in compliance with the financial standards, so we use PGP, and Erado, for archiving and encryption. It is just nice to get the perspective what is an easy target, what would you consider a difficult target not worth pursuing? I could write a book to answer this...
Security isn't something you can just apply it's an on going process and in most cases you are relying on products sold to you on a trust basis. You're told that Antivirus software will stop you getting a virus but what you're not told is that Antivirus software only protects you against what is known, takes less than an hour to write a new piece of malware or backdoor that your AV will never detect.
People put too much faith in to security systems without understanding how they work, their capabilities or limitations.
There's no need to be "pentested" it's a right con, they only test you against old exploits, if you update regular then you're already safe.
Use 2 factor authentication and/or strong password policy, prevent users creating the own password (they will only make them simpler)
Just make your data worthless to a hacker by encrypting it.
Insightful, thank you. I know it's a vague question, but you just confirmed my intuition. Thanks for your honest answers. No problem.
Was it worth going to prison? Nothing is worth going to prison for. Yeah they are happy I am back and I am happy to see them again. It was ~100GBP for my parents to come and visit me in prison, I was a long way from home. I told them not to waste their money because the visit only lasts 2 hours.
How is your family treating you, are they happy to have you back? Did they visit you in prison? I am x military I am used to being away from home for long periods of time. It also makes time fly faster when you're not constantly reminded about home. If you don't know what you are missing then you don't miss much.
I've never been to prison, but I lost about 8 years of my life due to bad medical advice. I used to be angry-- I was thinking why wasn't it only 2 years-- why did it have to be such a complete waste of so many years? Would that have happened if it had been only 2 years instead of 8? I don't think so. Sometimes, events like that helps to put things in to perspective. We often don't think about our lives on a day to day basis but when something out of the "norm" happens it makes us think that little more.
What do you think about bitcoin? where will it be in 10 years? I think it's great, scrypt coin too! I think they will get heavily regulated soon though. I had 78 bitcoins backed up on a SDHC before I was sent to prison. Back then they were worth ~$40 each. Come out of jail and I can't find that shit anywhere lol.
The only problem is even if I do find it, it's encrypted with keys that are on the computer the police confiscated and I can't get back.
I know right?
Sue them. They stole you $ 78k. It's killing me!
If they've not destroyed your computer or had a seize order against it then you can get back things like that. Ask your lawyer. They seized it in court, I can however apply "for a copy of evidence" under UK law and they would have to give me a copy of the HDD.
Do this. Those bitcoins won't last. How long untill they are orphaned? It's been ~3 years already.
No idea. I meant they won't last as a concept (especially not at that value). Wow, only just seen it but they peaked at ~$1000? Feels bad man.
Exactly - since then the Chinese and Russians have banned it, and you can only consider it's a downward spiral from there. I wonder how long it will last here in the west, I'm surprised it hasn't already been regulated the tax man must be pissed!
I think there are also more constructive uses for mining, I mentioned this on twitter also. See there are a lot of cancer researchers and scientists that have HUGE amounts of data that needs to be mined to help cure diseases and solve the worlds problems.
The world hash rate for crypto coins is more powerful than most of the worlds super computers combined. Cancer researchers should give coins for mining cancer research data instead of wasting time generating meaningless hashes.
Do you like sporks? Yes, I do, do you?
Hey man we are asking YOU the questions here. Leave the interrogations to us the professionals. Ok bro.
Ex Army eh? Signals? or Tech in REME? I was in the Infantry.
So how were you ID'd for arrest? I fucked up, I've already explained it on here, lurk moar.
Just curious, do you think big brother is reading this ama real time or at all? They will be on this like flies round shit.
Where does/did LulzSec congregate? What is the education background of a typical member, or from where did you learn to do what you can do? We had our own private IRCD and encrypted silc servers, also channels on public servers. I am completely self taught, I have been at it since 1998.
Isn't the true "lulzy" part of this that you guys bugged some people and mocked their security and then ended up getting busted and going to prison while the companies you annoyed made their security better? That's pretty lulzy to me. What I find lulzy is the fact they were all vulnerable to webapp vulnerabilites and don't use PGP.
Wasn't LulzSec responsible for the major Sony Online Entertainment security breach? I know you wanted to retaliate because SONY was suing George Holtz for the PS3 jailbreaking thing he did, but the only thing that happened is that you inconvenienced the people. Basically I am asking. Why did you ruin all those accounts, which lead to people having their credit cards stolen, instead of just attacking SONY directly. Also, how many accounts were compromised? LulzSec says 1000, SONY says ~4000. LulzSec had nothing to do with the PSN breach, fact.
Do you suspect who was responsible? (group name, not actual name) Honestly, no Idea there is too much internet rumor and no one has officially come forward to claim it. I read some people in Spain were arrested and questioned in relation to the PSN breach but that still doesn't mean it was them.
What are your political views? I don't really have any political views, however I would like to see the rest of the world get a chance to sample democracy and be free from oppressive dictatorships (no naming names).
At first welcome back. So here an total haxolulz/past unrelated question what kind of music do you like? I like Hard Dance music, Hard Trance/Hard House.
Fuck yeah! Trance and House all the way. I used to have a set of Technics 1210 Mk2 and mix like mad when I was younger, still got some of the vinyl haha.
Hackers soundtrack, orbitals by halicon. Not hard but one of my favorites. Thanks I'll check this out. The LuLzSec hacker song by ytcracker is the ONLY hacker song haha.Link to www.youtube.com
Who is your favorite Trance artist? Ever been to any festivals? Tidy boys, nothing but. Their events are awesome, youtube "Tidy weekender"
How came you guys got the cia down? It was hit with a 100,000 node botnet.
What does this mean in layman's terms? 100,000 computers were used to send ALOT of data to the server causing it crash.
That's as simple as it gets.
Any advice for aspiring hacktivists? Trust no one.
Still on 4chan? fav boards? Rules 1&2 always apply.
Hate to break it to you bro, but 4chan is just full of kids now. The rules of the internet have somewhat faded since you left the intertubes in 2011 :( consequences will never be the same again. Ebaums world has been dead a longtime because people broke 1&2
What's your opinion on the book by Parmy Olson? I think I recall she said she talked to you by chat, but how accurate was what eventually made it into the book? I lost the book before I could read it all so I don't know...
What do you think your job prospects are now with the conviction hanging over your head? Not too good! I'm on my arse at the minuet, I'll do any job!
Any job? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Allmost...
Write a book. Is it really needed?
Not needed per se. But you can tell an autobiographical perspective that nobody else can. The story lulz & Anon supporters would want to hear. Obviously not a 'tell all' but a 'tell most'? Yeah I get what you mean.
Was there a time before you were caught that you were worried or thought the authorities might have a clue as to your real identity? I knew I was going to get caught, I fucked up.
Did you have a backup plan? There was no backup plan but I realized the mistake early and acted accordingly! No I do not own guns, they're a lot more restricted here in the UK.
Are you still in touch with Jason? Saw he went to prison recently, I actually went to HS with him. How long did he get?
Jeremy, not Jason. Twins. Yeah, I think he got 10 years or something like that? I've not heard anything from him since I got out, hope he is ok.
I look up to you on how you managed to convince everyone you're a girl, smart and funny thing at the same time. Really I look up to you like a celebrity, hah. Maintaining a strong persona such as kayla and doing what I did wasn't easy. If I could go back in time I wouldn't change anything, I'd just keep going back in time to relive it over and over again. Nothing is worth prison time, it's a waste of life however I did manage to get some qualifications out of it. Not many people can say they left prison with a diploma for the thing they went in for.
If you could go back in time, before the creation of Lulzsec, what would you do differently? Also, was Lulzsec's missions worth the prison time? Where did you learn social engineering, and hacking? I learned to do what I do from programming, it is simply reverse engineering.
Thank you for your answer. What do you think about the Syrian Electronic Army, their methods of attacks, and their meaning? I honestly believe they are state sponsored (possibly not from the beginning) but I do believe they are the people Assad is turning to. As for their methods I don't even know what methods they are using, I'll read in to it though, I'm fresh out of prison and most of what they have done was done while I had no internet access. I've been banned from the internet since 2011.
That they are, got many of Advanced Replacements on products. If you had to choose between, Windows or OSX which would you choose. I'd choose Windows, I'm not a fan of OSX.
This is probably the longest I've ever seen someone take questions in an AMA. Thank you for dedicating so much time to answering people's questions. No problem I enjoy answering questions and I will be here until the questions dry up.
How did it feel being able to get behind a computer for a first time in 2+ years? Did you build a rig to re-live the novelty or do anything particularly special? Porn, me thinks. I was able to use computers in prison. I was given a job as a class room assistant helping teach people about computers, basic things. I also managed to complete a number of computer related qualifications and gained a diploma. Seeing the internet after 2+ years was kind of strange though. The internet looks a lot different now compared to how it did in 2011. To be honest I don't like it, it has that "iphone look" to it all, big buttons and lots of unneeded JS. I wish I could build a rig I just do not have the money to do so. Hopefully soon I will find a nice job and maybe then I will build one.
Did you have internet in jail? No they do not allow internet in UK prisons.
Do you think access to the internet should be a human right? When will it be? Yes it should be and I am sure it is already so!
Here you go Link to www.wired.co.uk
My question: Did you ever have any suspicions about Sabu? At any point did you guys think, Something is up with this dude? Everyone had suspicions about everyone, things were being patched, rootkits disappearing, logs being leaked etc..
Was prison anything like you had expected it to be? Better than I thought it would be, I had most prison movies flashing in my head on the way there from court but it's nothing like that.
Could you elaborate more on what it's like please? Once I got to prison I realized it's nothing like the movies. Because it was all over the news when I was sentenced everyone in the jail knew who I was and what I was in for. I've made some good friends out it, people I am going to meet again once they are free. No one was ever violent towards me, you don't give any attitude you don't get any attitude. I did see some people get fucked up in there, mostly starts over something really silly, like a game of pool.
How did you pass the time? I used to pass the time playing chess with my cell mate or by watching all crazy people in there.
Did you personally encounter much violence in the prison? Or is it easy enough to stay away from it if you don't rock the boat or whatever? Well, most of the prison movies I have seen all show people stood at the bars, big guys growling "mmm fresh meat" and everyone getting stabbed up every 2 minuets. When you've never been to prison before you can't help but think back to every movie you've seen about prison.
When do you think the govt will evolve enough to have guys like you helping to grow our society? Right now it seeks to hunt you down...terrible waste of resources imo It is, there's a lot of talent rotting away in the prison system.
Administrations that in one breath expresses the need for engineers of digital space and then issues the order to capture the very people with such talents. Edit: its been many administrations haha :*( And many more to come!
Its wishful thinking but i hope that the economic imperative will win out as we progress to what can be depicted best by the Type I civilization coined by popular theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Things need to change, that's for sure.
Is Milhouse a meme? Milhouse was the best meme!!
Do you like Wheatus? No, Wheatus sucks.
How do they ? Well I just like to suck wheats thats all.
What do you think - in Wrestlemania '98, did Mike Tyson get punched in the cock? Never watched it back then, I hope so!
Are you now like Gavin Orsay (Jimmi Simpson) on House of Cards? Never watched it, only just got out of prison I've heard a lot about that series, I'll look in to it.
Gavin in House of Cards has a guinea pig. Reminded me of "Noodles". :3. Hahaha.
the character Gavin is this hacker and there's a scene where he tells his FBI handler that they have to drop charges against Barrett Brown. Link to www.youtube.com Really?
Indeed. And check out who advised on the new season of HoC :3. Link to www.theguardian.com. HAHAHAHAHA.
Do they let you have PlayStation in British prisons? Link to www.dailymail.co.uk. They do if you buy the PlayStation.
What did you have in your cell? TV, Kettle, Radio, Bed, locker and that's it... I wasn't bothered about a play station, just used to play a lot of chess and poker.
What sort of people did you meet in association with the hacking groups? What kind of people are hackers? Out of everyone I have met there are only a small handful of people that I would put in to the "reverse engineehacker" bracket. Lots of people who know how to use exploits, not many who know how and why they work or are able to write their own, truly is a dieing art.
Do you ever think about trying to get hired for security for websites or for government computers or something along those lines? Again it's probably a trust issue...
Personally, I was very stupid and didn't really care about the ease with which personal information can spread, and didn't know how widespread NSA surveillance was. Given that a lot of stuff is out there already, if someone wanted to take the time to look at it, do you have any advice as to how to minimize the damage? Strong encryption is the key but to be honest, Internet Service Providers should be doing more to protect it's customers privacy, they should allow AES256 pipes for every customer as standard.
Many (fairly intelligent) people I talk to agree that they are concerned about surveillance and privacy on the internet, but they're resistant to try and use encryption or anything because they have it in their heads that only supergeniuses can understand computers like that. Do you have any suggestions for introducing these concepts to slightly technophobic people? I think encryption needs to be simplified for the regular user. It can get a bit confusing if you have never used it before or understand it's significance.
Also, wanted to thank you for your advice to the person below asking about how to learn programming. I know a little introductory Python, but I never really knew how to go from there to creating and understanding a whole big project. Programming languages too, learning new things is never easy, it's about determination and the will to succeed. The best way to learn is to read lots of source code and try to work out what is going on, maybe you could even improve on it?
How did you learn to hack? From learning to program.
Hacking is reverse engineering, it's an in depth knowledge of the underlying system/code/hardware/technology and the ability to take it apart piece by piece and reassemble it in to something else.
How long did it take you to become a proficient programmer? How did you learn? How long did it take you to become a proficient reverse engineer? How did you learn? I just learned from doing, trial and error. If there was something that I did not understand I would just research it, it sometimes helps to read it from more than one source. I used to just read lots of examples and try to make sense of them, if I found something new or something I did not understand I would research it.
As for time, I am unsure... I am still learning now, it is an on going process. All I can say is learn the basics and be creative, if there's something you do not understand research it, google always has the answer.
Have you only just got out of prison? I have been out a few weeks but I have only been on the internet a few days now.
Ever hear from anyone in that channel? Just one, those times are sadly gone.
When you got V&, they said two men where arrested for using the Kayla alias in some media. What happened there? The other person was my brother, they were unsure if it was him or me.
Ahh, You're poor brother... what happened when you got raided, how many people, where did they take you? I was home alone, they arrested me and took me to the police station for questioning. They told me during questioning that they had also been to arrest my brother.
Is human body very good build pc with very cheap soft?If it's so easy to exploit:( No it's a design prone to failure.
I want to learn Python 3. Codecademy is Python 2 (like all good tutorials...they seem to be for 2). Thanks for the links. I'll look into them. At the minuet I am going over logic, reading into some Verilog and other HDL because I want to experiment with some Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).
Hey its Kayla! Hahaha.
Hey thanks for the advice in the thread . I'll definitely use that on my quest to getting my Computer science thread and furthering my programming language knowledge ! No problem.
Kayla, I just want to say thank you. Haha no problem.
Meanwhile, while you were in prison our gov't set up a fake twitter type service in Cuba with the intent of helping topple the Cuban gov't. -_- I'd like to see how you have come to this conclusion? Or is it official and that is it's official purpose?
I just find it ironic that while prosecuting with one hand the other is going to extreme lengths to topple a government with social media. It's usually the case.
You should try this at /netsec. Possibly, no way to link them over? I'll admit it, this is the first time I've ever used or been to reddit.
They would probably have a few more knowledgeable comments and questions. Doesn't seem like any of them took the bait!
Yea, go to /netsec and create a new post, and make it a link (to the url of this thread). Make the title basically the same, but bring up the fact that it's an xpost. Thanks, I'll do this after I've made a coffee!
My question: why didn't you guys get ahead of the game by targeting Google. They're the resident evil today. Care to explain?
I think he meant Umbrella Corp. They have their hands in everything, and are mercilessly expanding. Fist umbrella fuck with zombies, now google!
#tr0ll. Hahaha, I'd like to believe it but...
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